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Bart The Cat, The Zombie Cat – Continued

Just a quick update, regarding the strange story of ‘Bart the Miracle Zombie cat’.

Well the story is now getting even stranger. The Humane society of Tampa Bay Florida, initially supported the owner Ellis Hutson, and initially stated that when well enough the cat would be returned to Hutson. The Society are now saying, that the cat will ‘Not’ be returned to him because of ‘new information’ having been received. Hmmm, interesting!

In a further twist to the story the Humane Society has received a threat from an individual over the weekend saying that he was going to ‘storm’ the hospital and steal the cat. The hospital has been placed on alert and the police informed. On Monday the 3rd February he was able to take his first bite of solid food since being admitted, although he will remain on a drip feeding regime for the next 3-4 weeks until he is able to eat enough on his own.

We don’t think that this the end of this  zombie cat story, so stay tuned!





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