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Strange Cat Behaviour – Our Top 6 strange-behaviour Full view

Strange Cat Behaviour – Our Top 6

Strange cat behaviour.

Some would say that most cat behaviour is strange! After all who knows what is going on in those furry little heads? Cats as a species do many things that are found as common traits amongst cats in general.

Strange cat behaviour? Let’s look at few of these:-

dont wake me up‘Help my cats a head banger!’

If your cat comes up to you and starts banging and rubbing her head on you (sometimes referred to as ‘bunting’) then the general message you’re getting is, “Hi, I like you and I don’t feel threatened by you”. At the same time she is rubbing a little scent onto you from glands in the head.

strange cat behaviour starring
Bet you blink first!

Ever been sitting, minding your own business watching the TV, or reading a book when you get the sense that you are being watched. You look round and two little green eyes have locked on with laser like intensity and no amount of staring back can break their gaze?

Don’t worry you’re not the victim of attempted mind control. Your cat is probably after something (usually food!) or it can also be a sign that you are the apple of her eye and she is soaking up all your wonderfulness. (More likely to be the food though!)

stange cat behaviour I need to be alone!

Then on other occasions, just when you think you are the star of the show you get the cold shoulder. Being ignored is not nice but don’t take it personally. Cats are complicated and sometimes need a little space.  Don’t worry if your cat takes a little ‘Me’ time, it’s not you it’s her and another mealtime is just around the corner when your popularity will once again soar.

strange cat behaviour cat in a boxCat in a box!

This isn’t a sign that they wish to be mailed to another location. The tight space afforded by boxes, and other containers into which cats squeeze themselves are often favourite sleeping places. That’s because of the comfort and security cats feel in the safety of their bolthole. This stems back to the wild where it’s not such a good idea to fall asleep out in the open, where predators might easily find you.

strange cat behaviour eating grassSalad days!

Cats sometimes eat grass. This is common and nothing to worry about. There are a number of reasons why they do this. It is believed that grass acts as a natural laxative helping to regulate the cat’s movements. Grass also contains folic acid which is a vitamin essential to the production of haemoglobin.

Cats cannot digest vegetation particularly well and often throw up after eating grass. One theory suggests that cats use this effect to rid themselves of hard to digest elements they may have consumed, such as bones and feathers. In any event it is widely accepted that grass is harmless to your cat, however within the home you must ensure that any houseplants you have are non toxic varieties in case of ingestion.

strange cat behaviour eating strange thingsStrange tastes!

Stranger than grass nibbling is when a cat develops the habit of chewing on the strange and inedible. This might include plastic, dirt, wires etc, this behaviour is referred to as ‘Pica’ which can be a sign of stomach problems or anxiety related issues. This is not good for your cat’s mouth or stomach and instances of this type of behaviour are worth bringing to the attention of your vet.

Is strange cat behaviour a sign?

Wstop-bad-cat-behaviourhen it comes to strange cat behaviour which has suddenly developed or is not behaviour normally associated with your particular cat, then this should raise a question mark, as to what the underlying reasons are. As cat owners we get to know our own pets’ habits very well and can spot strange behaviour right away, when it falls outside their normal patterns. On these occasions your cat may consciously or subconsciously be sending a message that something’s not quite right. The causes might be external, like small and simple changes in environment, it could be a new pet or new person on the scene, which is unsettling things, or it could signal that there is an underlying health issue.

Your cat has a myriad ways with which it communicates and subtle changes can be important. If Kitty persistently acts out of character then it is important to pay closer attention to their health and where you suspect that the behaviour could be health related then it’s a trip to the vet.


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