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Pregnant cat behaviour pregnant-cat1 Full view

Pregnant cat behaviour

Pregnant cat behaviour.

Is she or isn’t she?

Cats are extremely fertile and can fall pregnant pretty easily. During the first two to three weeks you might not notice anything but soon after tell tale signs will start to appear,

Here are some common pregnant cat behaviours you can look out for if you have any suspicions:-

  1. Just like humans, cats can experience morning sickness so if your cat starts having uncharacteristic bouts of vomiting then pregnancy is a possibility, make sure that you rule out illness. So if vomiting is persistent and frequent or your cat shows other signs of illness, then it may be something else, so consider a trip to the vet.
  2. Weight gain is another clue, you may notice swelling to the abdomen. Also an increase in appetite which usually goes hand in hand with the weight gain.
  3. ‘Pinking up’, is the term sometimes used when the nipples become bigger and redder and is another strong sign. This usually occurs around 15-18 days.
  4. Your cats’ behaviour alters and she becomes more affectionate with more purring and attention seeking.
  5. Your cat seeks solitude and becomes less inclined to spend time with you.
  6. Cats can also exhibit nesting which is classic pregnant cat behaviour and can involve pulling items of clothing, soft toys etc into a bedding area to get things more comfy!

If your cat shows multiple pregnant cat behaviour signs of the above then it’s very likely you have new additions to your household on the way! And the first stop is the vet for confirmation and guidance. As soon as you are considering the possibility of pregnancy then seek confirmation and advice from the vet.

It’s worth noting that any significant change in your cats behaviour should be looked into, if your cat isn’t pregnant but still shows a change in behaviour it’s worth looking into other aspects such as there food, excersise, social interaction and health, as these changes may be indecations that your kitty isn’t feeling 100%

Cat pregnancy & pregnant cat behaviour can last as little as 60 days and in rare cases up to about 72 days with the average being around 64 days.

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