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New – “Cat Cafe” Now Open cat-cafe-header Full view

New – “Cat Cafe” Now Open

Cats with your coffee?

cat2Scotland has its first cat cafe, courtesy of business owner Laura O’Neill. Following a trip to Japan Laura during which she visited one of the country’s many popular cat themed cafes, she decided to import the idea for local consumption in Stockbridge Edinburgh. And so ‘Maison de Moggy’ was born.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive programme, Ms O’Neill said “When I was looking to things to do on my trip to Japan back in June, I looked on Trip Advisor and one of the top things was ‘visit a cat cafe’.

“I’d never heard of a ‘cat cafe’ before so I looked a little bit more into it and decided to go and visit one.”
The traditional style of a cat cafe is very much focused on the cat, so it’s not really a cafe per se”, she said.
“You’ll maybe get a drink but it’s not concentrating on the food.”

So with cat’s front and centre at Maison de Moggy, what can paying customers expect?

cat6“People just pet the cats, take pictures of them. There’s always people taking selfies with the cats”, Ms O’Neill says.
“In Japan some of the cats even had little top hats and things on.”
“There’s maybe eight cats in one room, and there’s people just relaxing and chilling out with the cats – its lovely!”

When it comes to questions over the cats’ welfare, Laura has been quick to try and allay any concerns.

“I’ve sourced all the cats myself from kittens”, she argues. “I’ve reared them so I know their behaviours, and I know they all get on. I obviously wouldn’t put them in a cat cafe if I thought they were going to be acting out.”cat4

A dedicated cat nanny, will supervise both the customers and the cats. The ‘cafe’ is presently just a pop-up venture “to let the people of Edinburgh experience the concept”, she is optimistic that the cafe will be well received and hopes that it can become a permanent enterprise.
She says, “We are massively cat lovers here, and we appreciate the therapeutic benefits that cats can have.
“Stockbridge, is well known for its puppies and dogs, why not cats as well?

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