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Could adopting feral cats save Mikura island Full view

Could adopting feral cats save Mikura

Feral cats threaten the wildlife of Mikura

On the island of Mikura, Japan live about ninety per cent of the Worlds streaked shearwater seabirds which they use as a nesting base

Over a period of years the numbers have dwindled considerably at a rate of about 20,000 a year a census in 2012 showed a population of around 770,000 which was almost one million fewer than in the 1970’s.
The reason, well experts believe that the feral cat population are mainly to blame.

In response the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology is pinning its hopes on their cat adoption scheme, calling on people to adopt one of the Islands feral kittens.
Kittens will be the first target of the process as it is believed they will be more easily domesticated than the older cats.

“Leaving feral cats that have high hunting ability will put numerous kinds of wild animals on the island in danger of extinction,” says Nariko Oka, a researcher at institute.
The solution seems to offer a ‘win win’ for both, the birds and cats, the danger to the birds is reduced and the kittens find a new home.

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