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Facts about cats

Facts about cats

Cats are complex, enigmatic, interesting, revered and among the most beloved animals on the planet.Their popularity is a legendary but not necessarily a new phenomenon.
The question is occasionally asked, ‘When were cats first domesticated or at least allowed to be part of everyday human domestic life?’

The answer may surprise you, for experts now believe that this relationship stretches back to almost 7500 years BC (Neolithic period). In 2004 the grave of a man in Cyprus was uncovered in which the remains of cat was found buried close to his skeleton. There is also good evidence that domestication of cats occurred about 3300 BC in China. Egypt was long thought to be the epicentre for the domestication of cats, due to the high level of cat related imagery created around 1600 years BC but it appears Cyprus and then China preceded this.

In Egypt Cats were highly revered with the Egyptian goddess ‘Bastet’ often depicted in the form of a cat. So revered were cats by the Egyptians that they were often mummified in the same manner as humans.  In one tomb uncovered in 1888 around eighty thousand cat mummies were found. All through history cats feature prominently in the records of societies all over the world, the domestic cat may have arrived in Britain around the end of the Iron age but many schools of thought attribute their arrival to the Romans.

Here are 20 interesting facts about Cats which has captivated so many cultures throughout history.

  • Cats can live to 20 years or more and interestingly neutered or spayed cats out live there un-doctored counterparts.
  • A female cat or ‘Queen’ is capable of having up to 150 offspring in her lifetime and can start mating from about 5 months old.
  • A male cat can begin mating from about 7 months.
  • The gestation period is an average of 60 days.
  • They spend over 5 hrs a day grooming.
  • A cat can jump seven times the height of its tail.
  • 10% of a cats bones are in its tail.
  • Cats have 30 teeth.
  • They sleep an average of 17 hours per day.
  • A group of cats is referred to as a clowder.
  • There are about 500 million cats in the world with aprox 40 different breeds.
  • The first cat in space was ‘Felicette’ from France she was also known as “Astrocat”
  • They can hear sounds two octaves higher than humans.
  • They carry scent glands in their face tails and paws.
  • The most popular pedigree cats in descending order are the Persian cat, followed by the Main Coon cat and the Siamese cat.
  • Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat flap.
  • A 2007 Gallup poll revealed that both men and women were equally likely to own a cat.
  • A female cat is called a queen or a molly.
  • In contrast to dogs, cats have not undergone major changes during domestication.
  • Cats don’t have sweat glands on their bodies like humans do. Instead, they sweat only through their paws.

Stay tuned for more fascinating cat facts in future blogs!

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